Accountability Program

What you will get 

* Daily fitness accountability coaching for 4 weeks 

* All day one on one support

* Help with managing calories

* Help to build a routine that works specifically for you and your life

* Kickstart your heath and fitness journey and build healthy, sustainable habits that get results!

* $300.00 for the first four weeks! (any additional cycles $175.00)


About me

I'm a 33 year old wife and mom of two young daughters (ages 2 and 7) and my family means the absolute world to me. As a mom your focus can change and become about your family and you create a long list of reasons why you don't have time to focus on yourself anymore. I want to help women prioritize themselves without sacrificing anything that that think is a reason they have given themselves to not achieve their own health and fitness goals. To help stick to a plan, your plan that's best for your lifestyle; to be that support system and positive reinforcement  when you need it most! You will take away so much more than a physical change. I found my healthier balance in life and its changed my mindset more than i could have ever expected. Now I'm so excited to help other women do the same thing!

One day it just dawned on me the horrible things I would think or say about myself, how I was talking about myself.  Then immediately my next thought was about my daughters. I realized I was giving them the chance to mimic the things they could hear me say about myself and start to talk to themselves in the same negative way. I know I want my girls to look at themselves and speak to themselves in a positive way, think amazing things about themselves and see all the great things I already see in them. I know they will have a way easier time doing that if they have someone around who can show them how to do that, who does that themselves. The best thing I could have done for myself was invest a little bit of time each day that is for me and me only. I am like most women out there who want to be the best mom, the best wife, sister, and friend, but a lot of times we forget about ourselves. I know all the reasons why you are telling yourself you can't, why it's not possible. The reason I know that is because I've been there telling myself those same things. I am that average mom who loves her french fries and margaritas but also wants to feel good about herself. I am that person who truly believes that it's possible for anyone to find their own balance in their life. What balance looks like for each person is different. Everyone has their own personal goals but I know when you have someone cheering you on who has nothing to gain but helping you find your own inner voice that helps you see your strengths and helps you have that positive mind set, no one can take that from you and there is nowhere to go but up!



Not just another fitness program!

This is not personal training  This is not a workout guide.  This is not any kind of fitness program that has been offered before, because this is not about your workout, it's about your life.  Yes, I want you to work out! Yes, I want your workouts to be amazing but most importantly I want you to make this LIFESTYLE work for you every single day to get RESULTS!

What is fitness accountability coaching?

OnTRACK is a custom program based on a personal relationship between you and I, created by Nikki Gundy based on accountability.  I will check in with your workouts and hold you accountable for your choices EVERY SINGLE DAY.  We can all find a good workout program or join a gym or buy a new healthy eating cookbook, but those things will not work unless you implement them consistently every day. This is one of the first services in the US dedicated to helping you manage your day to day choices and making sure you stay OnTRACK to reach your health and fitness goals.

Why do I need a fitness accountability coach?

Because trying to change your life for the better is HARD and you shouldn't have to do it on your own.  Having someone on hand to help keep you accountable is an amazing tool for really committing and creating consistency with a new routine. You won't believe the difference it makes when you know someone else is checking in with your choices everyday and that you have a dedicated support system at the touch of a button.

To make something a priority you also need to be able to talk about it.  Unfortunately not everyone will understand your new priorities, not everyone will care about them as much as you need them to. I will.



How much does the program cost?

The first month is $300  - Any additional months spent with the program are $175 per month.

What can I expect from you if I sign up?

As your coach it will be my job to help you stick to a routine consistently to see results and for it to become a habit.  I will help to keep you in a positive mindset for you to succeed in each day. This will be tailored entirely to you. You will be in regular contact with me throughout the day for support and should there be a moment you fall off course (as there inevitably will be) I will get you back 'OnTrack' as quickly a possible.

How/when will we communicate?

The program is conveniently delivered through text message and voice-note, 6 days a week (Mon-Sat)

What kind of food will I be expected to eat?

There is no specific dietary requirement or food plan with this program, however if your goal is fat loss, clients must agree to eat in a calorie deficit.

Which type of exercise will I be expected to do?

I firmly believe it's not WHAT you do that matters but how often you do it.  All I ask is that you do some kind of physical activity for at least 30 mins, 6 days a week.  Some days this could be a brisk walk, or yoga and other days this could be more intensive activity like strength training. This is your fitness journey, you get to decide what you do.  All I ask is that continue to improve as you progress through the weeks.

What if I have an injury?

As this program has a substantial workout component, if you currently suffer from any injury or previously have done so, please seek clearance from your Doctor before submitting your application.




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